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About Us

Looking for experienced personnel to supervise all aspects of drilling and completion? Look no further, TC Consulting, Inc. is continuously providing quality consulting for you at a competitive price.

  • Reservoir Analysis
    Reservoir Analysis Comprehensive Reservoir Engineering Analysis
  • Visit TC Safety, Inc.
    Visit TC Safety, Inc. Safety Training and Safety Products
  • Well Site Supervision
    Well Site Supervision On-Site Well Supervision and Consulting

Employment at TC Consulting, Inc.

We are always looking for people that have knowledge and experience in Fire Safety, EMS, Well Site production/safety, etc. We will also train hardworking individuals to meet the needs of the jobs required. Click Here to Apply Now.

Welcome to TC Consulting

The forecast for today’s oil and gas industry is change, and lots of it. If anything is for certain, it’s uncertainty. New standards, technologies, and strategies are being unveiled to revolutionize the outlook on the oil and gas industry.

At TC Consulting, we understand the demands that this volatility places on you, and we understand the challenges that it presents.

We can help you succeed by sharing our insight into the difficulties you are facing, bringing in over 32 years of industry experience.

We have developed a focused and highly integrated team of consultants, engineers and geologist to address real life oil and gas challenges!


Complete Well Site Supervision
Vertical & Horizontal Drilling
Vertical & Horizontal Air Drilling        
Stimulation Advisory   
New Completions

Reservoir Engineering Analysis
Reservoir Performance Reviews    
Exploration Prospect
Formation Evaluation
Corporate and Single property
Economic Evaluations

• Well site Paramedics
• Rig Clerks
• Shore base Dispatching
• Information coordinator